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Spring Sea Salt Body Wash Recipe


1 oz aloe vera gel

3 oz organic castille soap

3 oz organic helichrysum hydrosol

1 Tbsp organic argan oil

15 drops organic ylang ylang essential oil

15 drops organic rosemary essential oil

1.5 – 2  tsp sea salt (optional)



A note before I begin:


Many people ask how to thicken castille based recipes. While you can enjoy the natural thinner viscosity that is inclined to separate, there are a few natural ways around this, and salt is known to be one of them. While getting it just perfect does take some experimentation, it will thicken the mixture. Depending on the essential oils used, and the ratio of water to castille soap, it might stabilize to the point of not separating. Sea salt has it’s own wonderful benefits that only improve a sudsy recipe like this. If you choose to use sea salt in your recipe, make sure to dissolve it completely in your water mixture first. If you skip this step, it will make the castille clumpy.  Experiment and have fun with this! Because it’s made with all natural ingredients, it wont look exactly like store bought products, but it will feel and smell amazing!


If adding salt: In a pyrex measuring glass dissolve 1 tsp sea salt with 3 oz of helichrysum hydrosol.  Dissolve completely.

Add your aloe vera gel, oils, and essential oils, and mix up. It’s ok if the oils are separating. That should happen!

Add in castille soap. It might get really chunky, but that is ok for now! Just keep mixing.

Funnel into your container and enjoy!

*If you find the mixture is too thick or thin, you can use less salt to make it thinner and more salt to make it thicker. The key to getting a good mixture is the thickening reaction between the castille soap and the salt, so adding a little more castille soap might also help. The thicker you prefer your body wash recipe, the more important it is to use a flip top bottle rather than a pump, as it gets difficult to pump thicker mixtures. The thicker the body wash turns out to be, the more likely you will need to use a spoon and a funnel to get your mixture into the bottle.


Soothing Sun Skin Spray

Organic Witch Hazel Extract

Organic Green Tea Leaves

Organic Calendula Flowers

Organic Clevers

Organic Lavendin Hydrosol

Aloe Vera Gel

Fill mason jar ½ full with equal parts green tea leaves, calendula flowers, clevers (or other herbs of your choice) and fill to the top with witch hazel extract. Let steep for 4-6 weeks. When ready, strain herbal contents and mix 4 oz. witch hazel blended extract, 2 oz. lavendin hydrosol, and 1 oz. Aloe vera gel.  Shake well and refrigerate for extra cooling relief when the summer is hot! The clevers and calendula are great for the skin (you could also try St. John’s Wort, or rosehips for extra nourishment and soothing comfort), the aloe is a great skin softener and the lavendin just smells incredible! (You could also try rosewater hydrosol, or Melissa hydrosol). Spray and enjoy when heat gets you down. You can also make it as a tea and drink it or apply liberally to skin for immediate relief.

Keeping things simple

Keeping things simple.

Essential oils are the jewels of the plant kingdom~providing concentrated, potent doses of pure plant nutrition that can be applied topically, taken internally, used in air purifiers, and integrated into the daily wellness routine. They provide non-toxic household cleaning agents, help support the immune system, relieve pain, inflammation, and skin disorders, and can also be tremendous allies as mood-enhancers, emotional balancers, and much more!

Essential oils have a long and distinguished history. Once used by pharaohs and kings, they were also used in the middle east to bury and enshrine the dead. During the middle ages, they were also used in the perfumeries of France and have since been used as agents of scent for many lotions, shampoos, salves, and topical ointments. Though somewhat subtle in nature for some, others have an intoxicating scent that stimulates the limbic system in the deep center of the brain~releasing pheromes and emotional triggers associated with the primal memory. Never doubt the fondness associated with pine oil, cinnamon, rose oil, or the more exotic frankincense or sandalwood oil.

Essential oils are wonderful addition to the herbalists medicine cabinet, and often can be added to a tincture or herbal preparation for added synergistic action and therapy. Some oils such as lavendula anguastifolia (Lavender) may be applied “neat” (without other filler oils added) to the skin for rashes, bites, bee stings, burns, razor burn, and much more. Other oils such as lemon (citronella oficinalis) may burn the skin with direct application.

Always use essential oils sparingly, as they are highly concentrated, very potent, and not to be considered as anything BUT “medicinal!” However, you can make your own remedies and use with fractionated coconut oil to provide an organic, gently nurturing emollient for the rapid absorption through the skin. You can also use in a nebulizer (air diffuser) to inhale the aroma and essential oils directly through the nasal passages. One drop of orange oil added to lavender oil applied to a pillow at night can gently help tired, overly-stimulated minds rest, relax and drift into sleep. One drop of frankincense oil added under the tongue helps balance inflammatory responses in the body, prevent tumors, and support the immune system when under stress.

The list can go on and on, but suffice it to say that one can find repeated daily use in small, steady doses that build and support natural health and wellness with small cost, and a deepening appreciation for the body’s natural ability to heal and stay healthy and strong. Such an abundant gift deserves to be cherished and used regularly!


If you’re interested in learning more about these oils, contact me at 503-347-6558 to learn more!

Using Essential Oils as Medicine and Plant Allies

Tuesday, Sept. 2, 2014 4:30-6:00 pm

Natural Grocers, Gresham, OR


  • how to use essential oils for internal health and immune support
  • how to use essential oils for cleaning, detoxifying and eradicating germs and bacteria in your home
  • how to use essential oils for spiritual, emotional and mental health and well-being
  • how to use essential oils to make gentle, effective, non-toxic homehealth and beauty products
  • how to make products that are healthy and easy to give inexpensively for family and friends

As we age, our production of enzymes, hormones and other normal bodily functions declines. This often results in increases in fatigue, loss of libido, and other signs of aging including increased muscle stiffness, joint pain, muscular atrophy, and increased fat production. A new syndrome has joined the list of “designer diseases” now prevalent in the United States, called Metabolic Syndrome. It includes a wide range of debilitating diseases that are life-threatening, and in some cases lead to irreversible damage to the body and eventually death. Metabolic Syndrome includes diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and inflammatory diseases such as arthritis, osteoarthritis, and may even be a factor in diseases such as Celiac’s disease, Guillone Barre, and other auto-immune diseases.  It is serious, and should not be ignored!

Fortunately, the trends towards auto-immune diseases, can be reversed or at least halted with herbal supplements. Some of the herbs are experimental (at this time there is little scientific research to support their use or side-effects of using them), but many have a long-standing history in their use in Ayurveda or Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Herbs known to support the increase of libido in both women and men include Fo Ti Root, Ashwagandha Root, and Alfalfa. These are all well-known for their ability to nourish and support the body’s core systems of hormone production, metabolism, digestion, and base energy maintenance. Rich in phytonutrients, Alfalfa supports the nervous system, hormonal production, digestion, and other key body systems so necessary for health and vitality. In addition, Fo Ti Root and Ashwagandha Root, have been very successful for several thousand years in stimulating hormone production naturally for increased virility and a return to more youthful energy and vitality.

Another herb that is very helpful for body support and energy and vitality includes the use of Rhodiola Root, which is a known adaptogen that supports the stamina, endurance, and vitality with a strong adaptogenic property to help sustain and support energy, drive, and positive mood.

Little to no side effects have been documented in the use of any of these herbs. Because they are roots, their action is deeply nourishing, supporting natural body functions at the core, allowing the body to be restored to a more youthful vigor, drive, and energy level. Adaptogenic herbs (both Rhodiola and Ashwagandha Root fall in this category) allow the body to counteract the negative effects of stress in the body, and have additional benefits of supporting the adrenals which are in a constant state of stress nowadays! :)

Similarly, yoga, meditation, and other forms of relaxation therapy are a good supplement to counteract the effects of stress daily. Many beneficial effects have been recorded of the benefits of yoga and meditation for keeping the body in a state of balance and peacefulness. Yoga can also be used to increase the prana (life force), and build a core level of energy, vitality, and stamina through regular breath work, stretches, and postures. Who among us can’t enjoy the benefits of this life-sustaining practice?

Other herbs that might also be helpful include Black Cohosh, and Red Clover. Black Cohosh supports muscles and joints, aids in removal of inflammatory fluids ( a key factor in arthritis), and Red Clover supports and nourishes digestion, nerves, and the hormones. Please share any other herbs or supports that you’ve found helpful! These are by no means meant to be a complete list of herbs.

The Miracle of Teasels

This article/website offers wonderful information on what most would call a “Weed” which like so many of our herbal medicines is of medicinal value. I heartily recommend reading this as it is a great testimony to the power of herbs for those who would think otherwise.

First US Trade.Ginseng

Carry the Light

Archangel Michael through Sue Stothard

Archangel Michael through Sue Stothard

 April 7th 2012

Heart wise woman

It was ever thus that those not of the light sought to obscure the light through lies and falsifications to obscure the path and cause confusion. Sadly it is still happening. We of the light are maligned and smeared with darkness in an effort to prevent the spreading of light and a rise in frequency for the human race.

It is all a juxtaposition- it has happened so many times before, but to realise the juxtaposition is to dissolve it and move into a different time frame where our light can shine.

Those wishing to obscure us and our truth have chosen to equate our reality and being with the darkness of racial hatred, particularly in the USA. What better way to create disharmony, disbelief and malcontent then to imply we are of the darkness.

We of the White Brotherhood have existed for millions of years as guardians and guides of planet earth and humanity. Our guardianship involves the spiritual growth and development of mankind. This is for the highest good of all concerned regardless of race, creed or gender.

We are not a sect, but rather highly spiritually evolved beings who have incarnated at crucial times during your history to help humanity along the path at difficult and key moments in history.

One such incarnation was Jeshua Ben Joseph who came at a time of great darkness to spread the light and spiritual truths.  There have been many other incarnations of his energy including Sanander and  St. Germain. There have been others of his ilk throughout history.

Some of us have chosen to incarnate here again at this time to help humanity move to the light. These people are all members of the Family of White Light and are the present day incarnations of those long ago who accompanied and worked with Jeshua ben Joseph.

The second coming of this energy at a significant time in man’s evolution has long been planned for and awaited. We applaud those of you who have chosen to do this work at this time and we support you through the difficulties you face in making the truth known and spreading the light against many seen and unseen obstacles.

We urge you to link with others around the world who are also knowingly or unknowingly of The family of White Light and of The White Brotherhood. As you link with them the light will circle round the world and create a rise in frequency and enable spiritual growth and development.

We are with you and are proud of what you are achieving. The majority of what you do is unseen, unsung and without monetary gain, but you knew and accepted this when you took up the gauntlet and agreed to do the work.

Yours in loving support,


Ah-h Chocolate!


Keeping things simple

Sometimes in the busy, hectic world we live in, it is easy to lose site of the simple joy of connection to the earth. We can gain so much from working with plants, creating our own herbal vinegars, making our own herbal oils, and other simple delights. This holiday season, I’m striving to make simple baskets of homemade herbal ingredients that reflect a growing understanding that it’s not “what’s in the gift, but how it’s created” that counts!

Time and again, I’ve seen wonderful presents that left me wanting something with less chemical ingredients, many of whose names, I couldn’t even pronounce! Since we have our largest organ on the outside of our body, it just makes sense to me to make homemade remedies that are less chemical and more natural to our body’s largest organ. Afterall, the less we invade our bodies, the less toxicity we have to contend with. Here are some ideas to try for your natural holiday gift-giving season:

For a natural aromatic herb, you can’t beat cinnamon! Try adding it to olive, almond, or coconut oils, to make a warming skin moisturizer. (Be careful not to overdo it as it can be irritating in doses that are too large.) Additionally, you can use myrrh or frankincense essential oils ( more costly, but oh so worth the price) to add anti-bacterial properties to the oil. Another good oil to consider is lavendar. Naturally a very well-known oil for relaxing and restoring the skin to healthiness, it is a great one to add to make soothing massage oils, or when added to salves or balms, it can be especially good at relieving cracked skin that winter weather often brings.

Speaking of lavendar, how about using dried lavendar to make herb teas? You can combine it with other herbs such as lemon balm, mint, sage, and chamomile, to make a wonderful home-made tea mixture that can be a restful, restorative in the craziness of the winter hectic season. It can even help friends and family to relax and unwind before going to bed, so they can sleep better and easier.

Another herb I enjoy this time of year is burdock. Known for it’s nourishing properties to the liver, this herb is a great way to support the liver and build and tonify the immune system against the “bugs” of indoor winter life! Try adding it to tea blends, as it’s natural nutty flavor, will add a great earthiness to homemade tea remedies. You can also supplement this with milk thistle, sage leaves, and cinnamon or clove oil, and you have a great immune enhancing tea blend for the cold and flu season.

This is just a beginning list; I could go on and on….What ideas have you tried recently?



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